In 2014, the championship of Ukraine in archery for the first time in 18 years was held in Sumy in the unique sports complex of the Education and Research Institute for Business Technologies “UAB” of the Sumy State University. During the opening of the championship of Ukraine the First Vice President of the Archery Federation Valery Bulko noted that it is the best sports complex in which to hold a competition of this level, and suggested that he meet with representatives of the European Union and international sport organizations to initiate the holding of the Winter Championships and the World Cup in Sumy. 

In our Institution archery began to develop with the entry in 2010 of Polina Rodionova – a student of the Department of Accounting and Finance.

Polina holds the title of master of sports of international class in archery, she is a member of the national team of Ukraine, multiple winner of championships of Ukraine, the World Junior Champion (Las Vegas, USA, 2012), champion of the World (Wuxi, China, 2013), silver medalist at the World Championship (Legnica, Poland, 2010; Nim, France, 2014;), champion of Europe (Turin, Italy, 2008, Vinenden, Germany, 2010; Nikobin, Denmark, 2012), a bronze medalist at the European Championship (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2014), winner of the European Cup (Ville, Germany, 2006, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2007, Batumi, Georgia, 2008, Sarzana, Italy, Punta Umriya, Spain, 2009, Bucharest, Romania, 2013).

In September 2014 Polina Rodionova and Iryna Sherstyuk, as members of the combined team of the Sumy region, became the winners of the Cup of Ukraine in Archery (in Kakhovka). Also Polina Rodionova won the first prize in the individual competition.

In January 2015 during the Archery Championship of Ukraine Veronika Litovtseva and Polina Rodionova reached the ¼ finals in the individual competition. Following the competition Veronika Litovtseva fulfilled the standards of master of sports of Ukraine.

On February 7-8 2015 Polina Rodionova won the second place in the International Archery Tournament held in Terezin, Poland.

On 25-26 February 2015 Polina Rodionova won the first place in the individual competition at the Open Championship in Archery (Kharkiv) while Veronika Litovtseva took the 4th position among 32 participants.

On May 14-16, 2015 the Institute’s students Polina Rodionova and Veronika Litovtseva took part in the nationwide archery competition "Bukovina Cup" (in Chernovtsy). As a result of the competition the girls won the second place in the team event.

According to the order of the Head of the Sumy Regional Administration Polina Rodionova was awarded a scholarship for 2015 given to the talented sportswoman of the region.