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Collaboration of the Academy’s scientists with international scientific journals

A member of the International Centre for Banking and Corporate Governance (ICBCG) functioning at the Academy was included in the editorial board of several international economic journals

International Center for Banking and Corporate Governance (ICBCG), which operates at the Department of International Economics of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking led by Professor Alexander Kostyuk, continues to cooperate with foreign partners in the field of scientific research.

Senior lecturer in international economics Lapina YG received an offer from several international scientific journals regarding the inclusion of the editorial board of international journals: This time, senior lecturer of the Department of International Economics Yulia Lapina received proposals to become a member of editorial boards of several international journals:

- “International Journal of Management and Decision Making” (INDERSCIENCE PUBLISHERS);

- “International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences (IJSDS)” (IGI Global);

- “European Journal of Management and Business Economics”;

- International Journal of Applied Management Science (INDERSCIENCE PUBLISHERS; indexed in Scopus).