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Participation in international scientific conference within grant program of German academic exchange service (DAAD)

Representatives of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking and Sumy State University took part in an international conference in the framework of the DAAD program "Support for democracy in Ukraine."

From 18 to 22 April the group of teachers and students of the Academy and Sumy State University consisting of Acting Director of the Oleg Balatskiy Institute of Finance, Economy and Management of Sumy State University, professor Vasilyeva T.A., assistant professor of banking department Sysoyeva L.Y., assistant professor of banking department Buriak A.V., lecturers of banking department Vysochyna A.V., Samusevych I.V., and students of the Academy Latynin D., Litvinenko V., Yemtseva K., Koshlata I., Vasylchuk A. were attending the international conference "(Supra)national bodies of financial regulation" in the Technical University of Freiberg (Germany) as part of a joint grant project DAAD on "Development of dialogue between banks and civil society in the context of democratic processes in Ukraine."

Rector of the Technical University of Freiberg Professor Klaus Dieter Barbkneht opened the conference. He noted the importance of activation of international cooperation for development projects aimed at the mobility of teachers, graduates and students.Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the Technical University of Freiberg, Professor Carsten Felden joined to greetings.

Professor Vasilyeva T.A. opened Ukrainian part of conference with presentation of structural and organizational changes at the Academy in 2015, pointing that she represents as Sumy State University as Ukrainian Academy of Banking Academy, which in the future should fully and confidently operate within the structure of Sumy State University. At the end of the report professor Vasilyeva T.A. noted that the integration of our universities opened up new horizons of future cooperation with the Technical University of Freiberg.

The most interesting presentations at the conference were the speeches of project coordinator, head of the Department of Finance and Investment, professor Andreas Horsh on "General principles of banking regulation in market economies and democratic systems" and "Organisations: Evolution of authorities of banking regulation in Germany" and Dr. Jacob Kleinow on "Financial market supervision and recent challenges of financial regulation in the European Union."

Among the invited speakers should highlight the reports of professor Jan Cornert (University of Greifswald, Germany) on the topic "Transformation and foreign control since 1990 on the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian banking systems", professor Jens Holscher (Bournemouth University, UK) on "On the interplay of democracy and market economy", professor Johannes Stephan (Technical University of Freiberg) on "On the problem of institutional transfer: the UNCTAD and OECD experience".

At the International Conference the reports were presented by associate professor Sysoyeva L.Y. on "The institutional and regulatory development of banking supervision in Ukraine in the context of the European integration", and associate professor Buriak A.V. on "The development strategy of an Ukrainian financial market regulation".

Students of Academy took part in the discourse panel where they presented reports on current topics, revealing the problems of modern development of Ukraine in the process of its democratization and Europeanization. Thus, a 5th year’s student Latynin D. prepared presentation materials for discussion on "The problems of corruption in the Ukraine", where the questions of the fight against corruption in all areas of our state were most keenly discussed. V. Litvinenko proposed to discuss the topic "The political and civic activity in the Ukraine." In the context of this issue special attention was paid to the development of political activity, as well as the processes of formation of democratic institutions in Ukraine. Students of 3rd year Vasylchuk A. and Koshlata I. presented materials to the topic of "The transparency of the banking system of the Ukraine". During their speech students were focusing on the basic aspects of the problem of the banking system of Ukraine in the context of its transparency.

The next stages of the project should be scientific training of assistant professor of banking department Sysoyeva L. Y. and senior lecturer Bohma S.D. at the University of Freiberg and an international symposium in Sumy in October 2016 with the participation of professors and students of the University of Freiberg.

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Information prepared by
Project Coordinator, Associate Professor of Banking department
Sysoyeva L.Y.