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In september the project

In September-October 2017, an informational and educational project "Academic Culture and Integrity Principles in SSU" is being implemented at SSU. The project provides educational and information components, a creative competition among students, as well as creation of a "Road Map of Integrity for the First-Year Student" and a visual symbol of integrity by students.

In September-October 2017, an informational and educational project "Academic Culture and Integrity Principles in SSU" is being implemented at SSU. A micro-grant of $ 12,000 was received as part of the "Strengthening Academic Integrity in Ukraine Project (SAIUP)" (learn more: http://www.saiup.org.ua/proproekt/). The project is funded by the American Councils for International Education with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Project Coordinator: Oksana Zamora, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of International Economics, ERI BT "UABS" of Sumy State University.

The project "Academic Culture and Integrity Principles in SSU" aims to promote the formation of a high academic culture in the community of Sumy State University through the strengthening of high academic moral values of the educational process participants, the promotion of social activity and responsibility during the studies, teaching and scientific activities on the basis of the academic integrity principles.

The project consists of two stages, in which all interested students are welcomed to participated:

1) the formation of an initiative environment by conducting 2 trainings on the topic of integrity in the academic community daily life and the life of each student (a call for participants will be announced in mid-September, preliminary dates for trainings - September 26-27), and

2) the dissemination of information about academic integrity in the express format among the university community: "the wall of integrity", an information booklet, a symbol of academic integrity.

In order to fill the "wall of integrity" a call for creative students works (photo and graphic images, etc) with a prize fund will be announced in early October will be announced. In the middle of October, "wall of integrity" will be installed in the halls of the main buildings of the University and will remain there for inspiration of the SSU team for 2 months upon the project completion, and will be further transferred to student self-government.

Also, an electronic version of an informational booklet "Road map of integrity for the first-year student" is planned to be designed within the framework of the project. In general, the project outcomes are the practical tools for systematic informing of the university community (entrants, students, parents, teachers, public) regarding the topic of academic integrity, which the SSU administration will be able to apply in future work.