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Decentralization School for Youth was successfully completed

On the 18th-19th of December 2015 the Decentralization School for Youth was successfully completed. The project was implemented by the NGO “Council of Young Scientists” (Sumy). The project was funded by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) through the Cooperation Office of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine with the support of Sumy Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education.

Today Ukraine has adopted legislative framework and begun practical steps to the implementation of reforms aimed at the creating of sustainable communities. The ultimate goal is giving to territorial communities more power to deal with local social and economic issues and, consequently, increase the responsibility for their performance. The role of youth, as the main driving force of a society and the basis for reforming society as a whole, has increased considerably. Therefore the increasing of young people’s knowledge in the sphere of decentralization is an essential factor for stable community building and reforms implementation at a high level.

Taking into consideration this fact the social education project which is aimed at the introducing of the basics of decentralization for Youth in Ukraine was launched. It is aimed at the supplementation of the course in Economics Basics, which is taught at schools. The materials of project can be used in a variable part of school curriculum for 10-11th grades.

The overall goal of the project is to introduce to high school students of secondary schools in Sumy region the main advantages of decentralization reform in Ukraine, to improve training to debates on socio-economic issues, to contribute to the formation of active life position of young people.

The project was carried out in several stages. The Decentralization School Youth has started its work with a two-day seminar for more than 50 teachers of secondary schools of such towns: Okhtyrka, Bilopillia, Lebedyn, Romny, Lypova Dolyna, Velyka Pysarivka, Trostyanets, Krasnopillya and Nedryhayliv.

The second stage of the project involves carrying out travelling seminars on the basic concepts of decentralization of power for secondary schools in remote territorial communities in Konotop (West region) and Shostka (North region). ). Such activities will help broaden the geography of the project and incorporate the elaborated course into greater number of schools in the region. So organizers of the project invited about 100 teachers of secondary schools in Sumy region (villages, towns and cities of Sumy region) for the training. The uniqueness of the project is that in the short term teachers of secondary schools in Sumy region will receive for free the necessary knowledge about the main tasks of reforming of local government and decentralization.

The last third stage of the project was realized on the 18th-19th of December 2015. The two-day regional debate on the foundations of the decentralization of power among the student teams of secondary school was conducted in the framework of the stage. 12 teams that passed the previous competitive selection (preparing presentations on "Decentralisation of power and effective local government - the way of the success of Ukraine") took part in the debate. Overall, 26 competitive works were sent to the project e-mail.

Cases that were considered during the debate were very interesting, controversial, but quite complex, some – even for scientists. Yet, despite this, the participants of the debate showed themselves as true polymath. The jury unanimously agreed that all of the participants distinguished high erudition, breadth of vision, ingenuity and ability to defend their point of view. Despite the tension of the final competition, joyful and friendly atmosphere prevailed among participants.

All participants debate and team leaders were awarded diplomas during the closing ceremony. And the winners were awarded prizes. As a bonus, the teams that were not included to the final were invited to take part in training on teambuilding, conducted by member of the organizing committee of the School of decentralization Alona Zakutniaia.

After the debate team leaders and participants expressed sincere gratitude to the organizers for creating comfortable conditions for work and leisure, and to the jury - for the professional and impartial attitude. They expressed hope that holding regional debate on the foundations of the decentralization of power will continue in the future!

Members of the NGO “Council of Young Scientists” (representatives of the Academy’s ARMG Center) are responsible for the project implementation: Dmytro Lukin, Yuriy Petrushenko, Miroshnichenko Ganna, Zakutniaia Alona, Vynnychenko Nataliia, Gordiienko Viktoriia, Liuta Olga.

More information about the project Decentralization School for Youth and information materials can be found in the official project pages on the Internet:

Information was prepared by
associate Professor of the Department of Banking
Lukin D.A.
assistant of the Department of Management and Financial and Economic Security
Miroshnichenko G.О.
PhD student of the Department of Accounting and Audit
Zakutniaia A.O.