Head of the Chair: Larisa Volodimirіvna Krivenko, Doctor of Economics, professor.

General information.

The Chair of Theoretical and Applied Economics was founded in September, 2005 as a result of merging of 2 departments – economic theory and regional economy. The main aims of the department are to prepare future specialists in fundamental economic disciplines and give basic skills theoretical and applied character.

Website of the Chair of Theoretical and Applied Economics

The Chair consists of 11 employees: 2 professors, Candidates of Economic Sciences – 8 including 7 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer; 1 assistant.

Disciplines taught by the Chair:

  • Enterprise economy;
  • Economy of labour and social labour relations;
  • History of economy and economic idea;
  • Macroeconomics;
  • Microeconomics;
  • Bases of economic theory;
  • Political economy;
  • Methodology of economy teaching;
  • Property estimation;
  • Modern economic theories;

Methodical work.

Methodical work of the Chair covers all stages of the teaching process - drafting of on-line working tutorials, development of lecture course, preparation of tasks to practical and seminar employments, stowage of examination cards, test tasks, tasks for intermediate and final control of knowledge.

Lecturers seek to improve the existing and prepare the new educational and methodical materials considering the requirements of the Boulogne convention. The following manuals are being prepared:

  • During 2009-2010 school year went out methodological developments such as:
    • Loshchina l.V., Tkachenko I.V., Podlesna V.G. History of economy and economic idea [Text]: course of lectures / [compilers: L.V. Loshchina, V.G. Podlesna, I.V. Tkachenko] // Sumy: SHEI «Ukrainian Academy of Banking of The National Bank of Ukraine», 2009 – 207p.
    • Dutchenko О.M. Assets of enterprise estimation: train aid with a vulture MES of Ukraine / for editor Yu.V. Panasovskogo // Sumy: University book, 2009. – 512 p.
    • Podlesna V.G. Steady development: theory, methodology, practice: textbook with a vulture MES of Ukraine / for editor professor L. G. Mel'nika // Sumy: University book, 2009. - 1216 p.
    • Podlesna V.G. Bases of ecology. Ecological economy and environmental management: textbook with a vulture MES of Ukraine / for editor professor L.G. Mel'nika and professor M.K. Shapochky // Sumy: University book, 2007. - 759 p.
    • Goncharuk T.I., Loshchina l.V., Semenenko T.O. Microeconomics [Text]: course of lectures / [compilers: T.I. Goncharuk, L.V. Loshchina, T.O. Semenenko] // Sumy: SHEI «Ukrainian Academy of Banking of The National Bank of Ukraine», 2009 – 160 p.
    • Makarenko M.I, Semenenko T.O. Macroeconomics [Text]: course of lectures / [compilers: M.I. Makarenko, T.O. Semenenko] // Sumy: SHEI «Ukrainian Academy of Banking of The National Bank of Ukraine», 2010 – 152 p.
  • For today a prosecution is conducted of preparation to printing a few methodological manuals :
    • Sinjuchenko M. І. Methodological manual on-course "political economy" in the aspect of Bolonian’s process.

Scientific and research activities.

The Chair of Theoretical and Applied Economics carries out active scientific and research activity: the "Methodological aspects of management of city a budget: optimization of forming and directions of the use" and publication of the scientific articles. The results of the conducted researches the members of department make public by performances with lectures on international and home scientific conferences, symposiums and conferences.

The Chair’s staff in 2009-2010conduct research in the following directions:

  • scientific guidance by the experienced work of graduate students and bread-winners;
  • writing and publication of the scientific articles in professional editions of Ukraine (on the whole the employees of department published for 2009-2010 over 20 scientific articles);
  • participating in the international (Bulgaria, Belarus) and home Methodological conferences (of Sum, Poltava, Kyiv Donetsk and other;
  • organization and guidance by research work of students.

The Chair’s lecturers are also actively engaged in the preparation of training and methodical materials in the context of Ukraine’s integration in EU in the context of Bolonian’s process.

The Chair’s staff also active work comes true in direction of forming of the proper Methodological providing in the conditions of integration of Ukraine.

In obedience to the plan of research work of economic departments of academy on 2009 - 2010 the collective of department prepared to printing a collective monograph "Money-and-credit facilities of adjusting of economy" (after the general release by doctor of economic, professor Larisa Volodimirіvna Krivenko)

In 2006-2009 the department’s lecturers published the following monographs in co-authorship:

  • Lyashenko V.I., Antonyuk V.P., Aptekar S.S., Baltacheeva N.A., Krivenko L.V. the Global economic crisis 2008 – 2010 years: world experience and ways of overcoming in Ukraine.
  • Epifanov A.O., Vasil'eva T.A., Balatskiy E.O. Approach of Systems to the investment providing of socio-economic development of city.
  • Epifanov A.O., Vasil'eva T.A., Balatskiy E.O. Instruments of the investment providing of socio-economic development of city.
  • Epifanov A.O., Plastun O.L., Dombrovskiy V.S. Financial safety of enterprises and bank institutions.

The Chair’s lecturers are always spared large attention to realization of scientific researches and promulgation of the got results in professional economic editions and on theoretical and practical conferences. Did not become an exception and 2010 during which the faculty advisors of Chair participated in 10 scientific conferences and prepared 45 scientific works. Preparation of graduate students and bread-winners comes true in accordance with the ratified individual plans. In May, 2010 graduate student Ljuznjak M. E. protected candidate's dissertation on a theme : "Competitiveness of bank at the regional market" (leader: Goncharuk T.І).

The advanced study is with students.

The Chair of Theoretical and Applied Economics conducts active work with students. At a Chair a scientific group operates the "Theoretical aspects and practical problems of modern economy" (informative sheet) to work of which the students of I are brought over - III of courses (leaders - PhD, a century teacher Guz' M. M.; PhD, a century is teacher Oleksіch D.V.). Basic direction of researches is economic development in the conditions of transitive economy. Economic problems are including investigated after such directions:

  • the Progressive theoretical flows in a modern economy;
  • the Theoretical models of market economy;
  • analysis of methods of settling of basic economic indicators;
  • problems of introduction of experience of foreign countries in a home economy;
  • features of the national financial system;
  • prospects of development of small and middle business in Ukraine;
  • the Scientific aspects of functioning of financial institutions;
  • problems of money-and-credit market in Ukraine;
  • problems of eurointegration of Ukraine, and so on.

In-plant training.

Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Goncharuk T.І promoted the qualification and participated in ХІХ to the international theoretical and practical conference "Perspective directions and methods of realization of innovative technologies in the system of European higher education" on December, 08-11, 2009 (Zakarpattia state university). A Certificate-certificate is from 11.12.2009 №156/07.01 - 17.

PhD, associate professor Semenenko T.O. higher the qualification in the Kyiv national economic university the name of Vadima Get'mana from 15 to 26.03.2010. Certificate from 26.03.2010 № 12СПК 541227.

Head of The Chair, Doctor of Economics, professor Krivenko L. V. promoted the qualification and participated in ХХ to the anniversary International theoretical and practical conference "International cooperation in introduction of innovative technologies of studies at higher school" on May, 11-14, 2010 (Zakarpattia state university). A Certificate-certificate is from 14.05.2010 № 20/07.01 - 17.

Contact information: Petropavlіvs'ka str., 57
educational corps №2, cab. 315, 316, 317,
tel. (0542) 619-913