Curator of the program – Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of International Economics

Aleksander Kostyuk (E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The Institute’s students of "International Economics" can choose among three English-language programs offered by the Link Campus University to receive a master degree:

  • Law & International Finance.
  • Management & Innovation.
  • Law & Economics.

During an academic year students must successfully complete 6 courses of one of the programs and write a graduation paper. The list of the required courses:

  • Theory of the Firm - 9 credits.
  • Decision Theory and Knowledge Management - 9 credits.
  • International Comparative Business Law - 9 credits.

The list of the required courses according to the chosen program:

ProgramCourses, number of credits
Law & International Finance Project Financing - 9 credits
Business Combinations - 9 credits
Business Valuation & Due Diligence - 6 credits
Management & Innovation  Entrepreneurship & Family Business - 9 credits
Project Management - 9 credits
E-Business/Service Management - 6 credits
Law & Economics Public – Private Partnership - 9 credits
Economic and Financial Market Law - 9 credits
Comparative Law Systems / Administrative Law - 6 credits

After the program students receive a master's degree, which is fully recognized in the EU countries. Students also receive diplomas of the Sumy State University.

In agreement with the Italian partner, for the Institute’s students there are special conditions of tuition payment: they receive a discount of 35 percent with the annual fee of 6000 Euro. The total cost of education for the Italian students is 38,000 Euro for the entire period of study.

The basic condition is a student’s ability to pay for his stay in Italy. During the study in Italy students have an individual training schedule at the Institute. The selection of participants for the study in Italy is conducted by the committee of the Department of “International Economics”.