Students of the Institute have a unique opportunity, along with a diploma of the Sumy State University, to get a degree of a European partner university, which is recognized in the EU countries.

A double degree program means that a student simultaneously studies in two universities:

  • a student studies at the Institute according to the chosen speciality and at a partner university – according to a speciality proposed within a joint program;
  • part of the credits that a student receives at the Institute are accepted by a partner university;
  • the learning is full-time or distance (depending on the program);
  • the training is conducted in English (with some optional programs students may also study in Ukrainian).
  • a degree of bachelor or master of the Sumy State University according to the chosen speciality;
  • a degree of bachelor or master of foreign university according to a speciality proposed by a joint program.

After the successful completion of the program a student has a possibility of receiving two diplomas:

Therefore, four degrees in five years is a reality. For the graduates of the Institute they create significant competitive advantages on the labor market not only in Ukraine but also in the European Union.

It is possible to learn about the existing exchange programs by following these links: