Education level: Bachelor;
Program title: Economics and Management;
Duration: 1 year;
Language of instruction: English or French;
Form of education: distance learning;
Place of study:  Sumy, the Education and Research Institute for Business Technologies UAB” of the Sumy State University (under the joint guidance of lecturers of the Institute and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Grenoble).

The program is designed for:

  • students of the Institute and other higher educational institutions who have completed the 3rd year of undergraduate studies in economics and management;
  • graduates of the Institute and other higher educational institutions who have already obtained a bachelor's degree in economics and management;
  • working professionals who have a specialized education in economics and management and want to get a European diploma to further their careers.

The full cost of the program:

  • For students, graduates and employees of the Institute - 1,910 Euros;
  • For students and graduates of other educational institutions) - 2110 Euros.

The selection of students for the program is carried out by a qualified committee composed of the Institute’s professors.

The lists of selected candidates will be given to the Department of Distance Education of the Faculty of Economics of the Grenoble University till 30 September of the academic year.

The final decision on enrollment will be taken by the competent committee of the Department of Distance Education of the Faculty of Economics of the Grenoble University.

1st Semester
S3 UE2 Money and Finance 1 6
S5 UE1 International Economics 1 6
S5 UE2 Industrial Economics 1 6
  French as a Foreign Language 4
  Credits received in Ukraine 8
2st Semester
S4 UE2 Money and Finance 2 6
S6 UE1 International Economics 2 6
S6 UE2 Industrial Economics 2 6
S6 UE3 Economic growth and fluctuations 6
  Credits received in Ukraine 6
  The total number of creditsof the Grenoble University 46
  The total number of creditsof the Institute 14
  Total credits 60

Documents required for admission to the program:

  • resume;
  • copies of diplomas or copy of academic records and their certified translation into French;
  • cover letter;
  • copy of foreign passport;
  • copy of birth certificate translated into French and certified;
  • proof of language proficiency;
  • 2 photographs;
  • characteristics or any other document to assess the level of a student (in English or French, depending on the language of the chosen training program).

The French bachelor degree in Economics and Management is issued to students who:

  • have obtained a Bachelor degree of the Sumy State University;
  • have received the overall exam score no lower than 10 points out of 20 for 6 economic disciplines taught by the French partner;
  • have confirmed B2 level or an equivalent level in English / French.

Students will receive a French degree in Economics and Management.

Under the current French legislation this degree makes it possible to be admitted to the first year of the Master course "Economics and Management" at a French universities or university of any country participating in the Bologna process within the Common European educational environment.

The program participants are provided with an opportunity to make a tour to Grenoble with accommodation on the campus of Grenoble University.


The University of Grenoble was founded in 1339. Full name of the University - Université Pierre Mendès France ("UPMF" or "Grenoble-2"). The university has 19 thousand students, 800 lecturers, 20 research groups. It is the second largest University in France according to the number of students coming on exchange programs and its own students studying abroad within international exchange programs. Each year 3,000 students participate in exchange programs, more than 650 exchange programs are realized.

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